NZESG - New Zealand Economic Study Group

New Zealand Econometrics Study Group Summer Meeting 2000, Friday 3 March

Saturday 4 March
Victoria University of Wellington
Old Government Buildings
15 Lambton Quay

Program Chairs: John Haywood and Andy Weiss, Friday 3 March

  • 1.30-1.50: Coffee, registration. Old Government Buildings-G07
  • 1.50-2.00: Welcome (Bob Buckle, Head, School of Economics and Finance, VUW)
  • 2.00-3.30: Session 1    Old Government Buildings-Lecture Theatre 3
    Chair: John Haywood (Victoria University of Wellington)

    John McDermott (Reserve Bank of New Zealand): "Concordance in business cycles", C. John McDermott and Alasdair Scott. Discussant: Kevin Yu (Victoria University of Wellington).

    Weshah Razzak (Reserve Bank of New Zealand): "The output-inflation trade-off, money and the credibility of low and stable inflation regimes: Econometric evidence", Discussant: Les Oxley (University of Waikato).

    Julie Tam (Graduate student, University of Canterbury): "Testing PPP and UIP for New Zealand in a multivariate cointegration framework", Discussant: Gaylene Hunter (Reserve Bank of New Zealand).

  • 3.30-4.00: Coffee, Old Government Buildings-G07
  • 4.00-5.30: Session 2, Old Government Buildings-Lecture Theatre 3
    Chair: Andy Weiss (Victoria University of Wellington)

    Ron Bewley (University of New South Wales): "The direct estimation of drift in a VAR", Discussant: Peter Thomson (Statistics Research Associates Ltd.).

    John Haywood (Victoria University of Wellington): "An improved state space representation for cyclical time series", John Haywood and Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson. Discussant: Peter Schmidt (Michigan State University).

    Marco Reale (University of Canterbury): "The sampling properties of conditional independence graphs for structural vector autoregressions", Marco Reale and Granville Tunnicliffe Wilson. Discussant: Leigh Roberts (Victoria University of Wellington).

An evening of fun in Wellington!

Saturday 4 March

  • 9.00-10.30: Session 3 Old Government Buildings-Lecture Theatre 3
    Chair: Alfred Haug (University of Canterbury)

    Shinn-Juh Lin (University of Technology, Sydney): "Testing shifts in financial models with conditional heteroskedasticity: An empirical distribution function approach", Shinn-Juh Lin and Jian Yang. Discussant: Andy Weiss (Victoria University of Wellington).

    Peter Schmidt (Michigan State University): "Tests of short memory with thick tailed errors", Christine Amsler and Peter Schmidt. Discussant: Christie Smith (Reserve Bank of New Zealand).

    Jun Yu (University of Auckland): "Test for finite variance stock return distributions", Discussant: John Randal (Victoria University of Wellington).

  • 10.30-11.00: Coffee Old Government Buildings-G04
  • 11.00-12.30: Session 4   Old Government Buildings-Lecture Theatre 3
    Chair: Les Oxley (University of Waikato)

    Kevin Fox (University of New South Wales): "Growth, output gaps and economic reforms: the case of New Zealand", Kevin J. Fox, Ulrich Kohli and Ronald S. Warren. Discussant: Iris Claus (Reserve Bank of New Zealand).

    Yuong Ha (Reserve Bank of New Zealand): "Uncertainty about the length of the monetary policy transmission lag: implications for monetary policy", Discussant: Christine Amsler (Michigan State University).

    Alfred Haug (University of Canterbury): "A currency or monetary union for New Zealand? An empirical study", Discussant: John McDermott (Reserve Bank of New Zealand).

  • 12.30-1.30: Lunch
  • 1.30-3.00: Session 5    Old Government Buildings-Lecture Theatre 3
    Chair: Ron Bewley (University of New South Wales)

    Claudio Michelini (Massey University): "An analysis of the distribution of income and wealth among Italian households", Discussant: Mohammed Khaled (Victoria University of Wellington).

    Kerry Papps (Graduate student, Victoria University of Wellington): "Local labour markets, migration and wage determination: theory and evidence for the wage curve in New Zealand", Philip S. Morrison, Kerry L. Papps and Jacques Poot. Discussant: Chris Plantier (Reserve Bank of New Zealand)."The timing and scale of investment under uncertainty",Discussant: Leslie Hull (Victoria University of Wellington).

  • 3.00-3.10: Closing (John Haywood and Andy Weiss)